Sunday, December 17, 2006


The Christmas presents are wrapped (but some are open.... hehe!) and I know that rest is much needed. The next few weeks will be crazy but I am looking forward to them with a child's heart. I remember the time I found out there was no Santa and what made it even more sad is that it involved my grandmother. My hero. It was Christmas eve (of course, why wouldn't it be?) and I was sent off to bed around 7 o'clock ish. I remember thinking, "Oh boy, Santa is coming tonight!" in my little head but I was soon to be shocked.
Side note.
You have to understand that in my grandmother's house she has three bedrooms. The master bedroom is by the kitchen and the other two "guest" rooms are on the other side of the house. One of the rooms that we kids called "The Radio Room" since my grandfather has his CB radio in it, was where I was sleeping. But not just in any bed. I was in the bed along the same wall where the TV was in the living room. Thus, not too much sound barrier between me and the noise of Santa!
Back to Story.
I was laying in bed when I heard talking and lots of noise. I thought to myself, "There is no way Santa is already here. I haven't gone to bed yet." I placed my ear against the wall and heard my folks and grandparents placing presents and a train out around the tree. My heart broke. It really did. I knew then there was no big guy in a red suit coming to make my dreams come true.
Later, when they went to bed, I snuck into the living room to see what they had done. I knew if I saw the presents now and there was no change in the morning that my doubts where true. But as I walked around the living room I saw that someone had already taken a bite out of the cookie that we placed out for Santa. My grandfather.
I was sad.
There is a sweetness in believing in something until it is true.
I grew up that night, but I never told anyone about my "knowing". I played along.

Now, it is nice to know the real reason for the season and enjoy it all over again each year. I hope my story is not sad but brings you back to a place where things were innocent and times were sweeter. Happy Sunday everyone!

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