Sunday, July 15, 2007

Catherine Marissa

Catherine Marissa started her jewelry business in 2004 following six years of playing with beads and two years of a serious, focused hobby. She was previously a second-grade teacher and resigned from her position in order to take care of her first son. This opportunity allowed her to put more thought and energy into jewelry making. She opened an Etsy shop and started selling her jewelry in January 2007.
"I like to create jewelry that is wearable and always has a touch of femininity to it. I'm drawn to classic pearls, flashy crystal, and glamorous gemstones." says, Catherine Marissa. She has recently fallen in love with handmade Venetian Glass and its rich touches of 24k gold. The ability of jewelry to totally change a person's appearance is very motivating for her as a designer. She focuses on creating pieces that are not too trendy, pieces that a woman can keep in her collection for years, and pieces that are well crafted and use high quality materials.
She lives about an hour from Lake Michigan with her husband and two sons (2.5yo and 7 months). "I get to the beach as often as possible as it is my favorite place to relax and daydream. I've also started researching yoga and healthy living in my little bit of free time."- Catherine

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BrazilDesigns said...

She has a lovely shop!!
The fish necklace is great!


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