Tuesday, July 03, 2007


"I love creating beautiful, nature-inspired jewelry for myself and others, and in creating, I always find a calm in myself that is indescribable." say Irenic.
Irenic has created jewelry, off and on, for a few years now. What she loves about her art is that the more media she learns the broader her spectrum becomes. Her favorite materials include wire, stones, things found in nature, anything moldable, and acrylic paints. She has participated many classes, dove into lots of tutorials and books, and all the while her style is daily evolving. "That fact is paramount in my life as a teacher: I am as much of a student today as I ever was, and I am always excited to try something new, no matter how bad it may turn out!" says Irenic. Though her art is challenging she always wants the peace and simplicity of nature to show through her work and to have it passed to the buyer.

Check out Irenic's shop:

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inkyspider said...

Very fun blog Punkin. You have some very tasteful featured artists. Irenic has some cool stuff in her shop. I love both the nature inspired and retro style pendants.


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