Sunday, August 12, 2007

Smitten Originals

Smitten Originals interview:

So, Kim, what is your "day" job?
"I think I'm an artist living in a biologist's body. I have a BS in Biology, my high tech MBA, and I'm currently a senior marketing technical writer in a genomics company, making me a science geek during the day and a crafting fiend on nights and weekends."

Where do you find time to craft?
"Being a single gal gives me time to work on my creations. Though, my 3 cats try to help, but lacking opposable thumbs makes working the sewing machine rather difficult, so I let them keep me company and warm my lap."

Where did you learn your crafting skill?
"I taught myself to sew when my grandmother gave me a sewing machine in college. I started out by making myself clothes, then started my own teddy bear company, which proved too much work for a struggling college student. My sewing machine collected dust while I focused on scrapbooking and rubber stamping and teaching at a local craft studio, but then it came in handy when I decided to start making my own handbags."

When did you turn your hobby into a job?
"Smitten Originals was born about 5 years ago from a lack of enthusiasm for the current bags in the stores. There was never enough color or variety and I felt like every bag was the same just in black or red, so I decided to make my own."

Where did you sell your beautiful creations?
"Until I found Etsy, many of my creations sat in lonely solitude in my studio, but once I really started to focus on my Etsy shop, business boomed more than I ever expected. I love love LOVE making bags, communicating with customers, and of course, the money helps. I'm hoping to open a bricks and mortar shop in the Boston area in 2008, but for now, I'm very happy with Smitten Originals."

To check out more information on Smitten Originals please visit her Etsy store at:

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marsha said...

I'm so glad you featured SmittenOriginals! She's been one of my faves for quite awhile now! Her zippies and purses are just so lovely!!!


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