Thursday, October 11, 2007


Bonzie is an Independent Irish Design Label with a romantic vintage flavor. Taking thrifted vintage fabrics and repurposed clothing the finished pieces feature deconstructed raw edges, embellishments of tea stained lace and hand finished with beads and trinkets thrifted from markets and antique fairs. She has a very nostalgic look and encompasses all things romantic and antique, sometimes looking like garments from a different era.
Bonzie goes out of her way to age fabrics, sometimes taking a perfectly modern garment and treating it in various ways until it resembles something that could be found in an attic chest of an old Victorian house. Many Bonzie garments are a labor of love and very often completely one of a kind and non repeatable, especially given the fact that fabric is not bought over the counter rather found on a lucky day on one of her thrifting expeditions!!

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designs by bonzie said...

thank you thank you thank you!! I am so delighted to be featured on such a cool blog!!
Love your work too, punkin card company.
hugs from Ireland.


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