Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hush Mouse

Maggie Hurley is an artist living in Berkeley, California who dreams of one day making her living by her paintbrush. She shares her home with her boyfriend and her cat, each of whom provide inspiration for the adventures of the perpetually bemused Herbert, a little owl with a big personality. While her shop on Etsy features a host of other whimsical prints, Herbert is clearly the favorite. "I paint primarily in watercolor, but enjoy working in oils and acrylic. I find inspiration in quirky moments - mainly annoyed looks from my loved ones. I'm very excited by the positive response to Herbert and some of my other paintings. I originally thought he'd find his home in the rooms of children, but have come to find that he attracts people of all ages. I'm working on putting together a book of his adventures... with any luck, it will one day find its way out of my studio and onto bookstore shelves!"
Maggie has also done murals, usually for children's rooms, as well as portraits on a commission basis. More of her work can be seen on her blog,

Check out her shop:

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