Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love in the Air?

Now I know that New Years is over but it is strange how we jump from one holiday to the next. As soon as I said, "Happy New Year!", I thought, "What kind of Valentine's Day cards am I going to do?"
Now that my V-Day cards are done I am starting on Mother's Day!I already have one in the shop!!!
STOP! Remember to savor the moments of life. The time it took to make your artwork. The joy you had in it's completion. The kind remarks of friends and family in their support of your work. These are the golden moments, not the paycheck at the end.



Octavine Illustration said...

you have such a beautiful etsy shop! i love the colors!

MyCatLulu- Becca said...

tee hee ... I have a post with this same title ;)

Tricia said...

yes, i agree with what you said about enjoying your crafting!! here here!!
lovely cards!

mosey handmade said...

very lovely post,and great advice!
so true!


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