Thursday, February 28, 2008

Norwegian Wood

There are very few clothing designers on Etsy that I seem to be drawn too. I know the style I want but can't seem to find the taste I need, until now! Norwegian Wood's shop is full of amazing clothes, accessories, and little loves that show both a flair for the feminine and a touch of French. She using a combination of vintage and new fabrics to give each piece it's own flair.


AngieMontreal said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful blog post! I'm working on lots of new things for spring, hope you enjoy them as much as the ones I already have up!

Norwegian Wood

Christine/bellacolle said...

Wow! I really like those!
The one with the orange bow is my fave~

Anonymous said...

Great shops, the both of you. (Punkin & N.W)

Just found you via the blogosphere, and now I'm adding you to my blogroll!



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