Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm A Jewelry Freak!

We all know how much I love jewelry (well if you didn't, then now you know!)!! I do, I love it and I have found another jewelry shop with must haves for my collection! Eninaj is the cool, funky little Etsy store with all the glamor and feel of a big high priced store. Not that I am saying her work isn't awesome, it's just way better then most extremely nice stores!! Yep, that's saying a ton!! Beautiful, clean lines with eye popping color! Great for any taste! So zoom over there before it's all gone!!

I am running now..... Eninaj


Omg Lia said...

It's very unique, but there's no link to the shop...

Omg Lia said...

THe picture links to a bigger version of the same picture :)


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