Friday, March 07, 2008

JaanVi Diamond Skincare

JaanVi Skincare, of Roop Ayurevda Center & Day Spa, Hoboken , N.J. , has announced the launch of its Diamond Skincare Line. Comprising of a Gel, Scrub, and Mask, the products feature the powerful healing properties of Diamond Powder along with Aloe Vera as a calming agent, nourishing Vitamin E, and Rose Oil. By its nature, Rose Oil quickly penetrates the skin for a tonic, astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface. The effects of the Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Rose Oil amplify the rejuvenating and restorative properties of the Diamond Powder for radiant, glowing skin.

Beautiful Skin... it doesn't have to be Rare
*JaanVi Diamond Gel moisturizer - Featuring anti-aging and exfoliating properties, it leaves skin radiant; a natural alternative to microdermabrasion. While removing toxins and improving cell re-generation, Diamond Gel works to rejuvenate the skin and control aging for a radiant, youthful look. Diamond Gel also helps control regular moisture and collagen loss, to keep skin looking firm and flawless. Retail $65.
*JannVi Diamond Scrub - With true exfoliating properties, this deep cleansing scrub removes dead skin cells and embedded dirt and grime, giving the face and neck a cleaner and smoother feel. Retail $65.
*JaanVi Diamond Mask - Deeply purifying, this incredibly powerful mask exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal the skin's original youthful glow. Deeply hydrating, the mask provides a visible lift while tightening the pores. Retail $65.

*Taken from the bio of JaanVi Diamond

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