Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Block Party Press

Have you ever seen something completely amazing while window shopping? Did you want to run in a buy it, though you made a promise with your self not to? I do this all the time. I say, "Amie, we need to find another seller to feature on your blog. But remeber our promise not to buy something this time!"
Well that promise has just flown out the window with this little shop. It's bright, fun, and loads of whimsy! We all could use some more whimsy in out lives!!!
Block Party Press bio:
"As with many artists, I have been drawing and making things for as long as I can remember. Sometimes my brain overflows with more ideas than my hands and my wallet can keep up with. I love texture, patterns, contrast, color (especially red, white & black and any pastel color paired with chocolate brown). For fun, I love creating art with recycled items(trash). I am self-taught through much trial and error. I hope you enjoy my creations, as much as I enjoyed creating them!"

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