Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When Old Meets New

It's a great feeling to find thing that was once trash to someone and make it "new" again. I love slowly walking around garage or estate sales, just looking at the items. Trying to remeber the stories of when they were first made, brought home, then loved. How can I make these beautiful piece of art new again? It might take time but it will be something you cherish forever!
This cute little Etsy shop, Re:made, focuses on finding the simple things in life that we may have "tossed aside" and making it new again! My favorite work from this little shop of whim is the pillowcase skirt! What fun. I remember having some very sweet pillows when I was growing up and who knew they would become a skirt!!

1 comment:

popwheel said...

Re:made certainly has an eye for this. Their pillowcase skirts are lovely!


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