Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Art of Marking Paper Dolls

Most of us can still recall the aristocratic charms of childhood; telling secrets at slumber parties while drinking tea from tiny pink color changing tea sets. My fondest memory of childhood was making paper dolls so I was pleased to learn that the art of making dolls out of paper did not die when I left childhood. You too can rediscover the lost art of paper dolls through the work of the wonderful paper arts designer, Catherine Moore.

Her line called Clearly Constructed Paper Doll Parts, takes paper arts to a whole new level. Each 4x6 block has four to six clear stamps for making various amazing paper dolls. All are interchangeable and easily combined.

To get started making a paper doll gather the following supplies:

1. Cardstock, any color, non-glossy.
2. Ink for stamping, preferably a black pigment ink.
3. A Catherine Moore original clear stamp.
4. An acrylic block, any size as long as it fits the stamp.

Easy 3 Step process:

- Peel the clear stamp from it's plastic page and attach it to the acrylic block. This should be the easiest step since the stamp suctions to the acrylic very firmly. Take out your sheet of cardstock and set it on a flat surface. If the paper has a glossy side, make sure to imprint your image on the non-glossy side. This way the ink will adhere to the paper nicely.

- Gently ink your stamp by pressing the stamp on the ink pad. Make sure to apply the ink sparingly so the image is clear and dries in a short time. After the image is completely covered in the ink, turn the acrylic block with the stamp face down and get ready for stamping. Hold the acrylic block in such a way that gives you a good grip but also allows you to apply an even, firm pressure to the stamp.

- Gently place the stamp on the paper and press down. Hold for a few seconds and raise the acrylic block. You should now have a nice image to start your doll making career! Use paints, watercolor pens, markers, or colored pencils to add life to your image and cut it out using sharp, well tipped scissors.

- Repeat this process with other Catherine Moore paper doll stamps to make a whole army of paper dolls.

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