Saturday, June 14, 2008

Coffee Break

Have you ever wanted a cup of coffee so badly that you would pay $100.00 for it? Nope? Yeah, me either... but I love coffee! It's great and awesome in every way.
I decided to take a trip on Etsy to see what coffee items were available. Though I was surprised to see that no one makes brewed coffee.. the real deal!
Some of my fav things where a coffee necklace by Minimania, a lovely print of art by Cate Bennett, and a "sip" coffee sleeve by Pillowhead. Then I saw it... coffee.. real coffee.... I was so excited! A whole Etsy shop where nothing but whole bean coffee is sold. I am truly in love. It's Stauner's Coffee. A great little Etsy shop that smells wonderful in the morning and burnt in the afternoon! Go and check it out and buy something before I buy it all!!

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