Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tour My Studio and Enjoy A Virtual Aroma-Massage

Written by Heather Scent Aromatherapy

Ah, my studio! I can count myself among the fortunate few who are lucky enough to have an entire room to donate to their craft. When the recent addition of my massage table, I feel content in saying that the Heather Scent Aromatherapy Centre is (almost) complete. All that is left to do is some minor repairs to the plaster and re-painting.
The second floor of my house has only two rooms. One is a large bedroom. The other is an open space at the top of the stairs. You must walk through this room to access the bedroom. It’s this open space that houses my studio. This is the view as you come to the top of the stairs. Originally there were built in shelves under the eaves, which I ripped out to create more floor space. You can see that the area in the corners where the shelves were is a different color than the rest of the walls.

First, I’ll ask you to have a seat on the futon so we can discuss how you are feeling today and what sort of health or lifestyle issues you are facing.
Now I turn to the area of my desk that I use to create my blends and the majority of the products for sale in my Etsy store. The exceptions are salves and butters that need to be melted first; that work is done in the kitchen. My essentials oils are stored in the lovely leather box against the wall, and all my books and formulas are kept nearby. I create a new blend specifically for each client. It is all about you! Note the Chakra blending chart on the wall; I can also perform a Chakra balancing for you, if you like!
Now all that is left for you to do is hop up on the table, relax and enjoy yourself!
Wait, don’t leave yet! There is more to Heather Scent than just aroma-massage. A great deal of my business comes from sales from my Etsy shop. This section of my desk houses the computer and its peripherals. I create all my own labels using PhotoShop Elements, and print and laminate them myself. This area of my desk is also where I complete all my shipping labels, invoices and pack up Etsy orders.

I have to be very organized to cram all my materials and supplies into such a relatively small space. I have two main storage systems. The first is a buffet sideboard that I use to store all my cosmetic bases, butter, waxes, carrier oils, powders, flavorings (for lip balms). On top of the sideboard are 3 sets of mini-drawers from IKEA. These hold marketing materials, business cards, promotional items, product stock, small empty bottles, labels, pipettes, stir sticks and lots of other bits and bobs. The larger crate with 3 drawers was purchased at Michael’s Craft Store. I decided against labeling each drawer because I wanted a more streamlined look. The contents of each drawer have been committed to my memory. If anyone wanted to play a mean joke on me, all they need do is pull out a few drawers and switch their locations around!

Next we have storage of the empty bottles and containers I use up on a regular basis. Lids are kept separately, in the smaller set of drawers on the left. Before you go, help yourself to a washcloth to clean up, and enjoy a drink of water. Sometimes a client becomes so relaxed during a massage, they may find themselves drifting off to another plane. I use the chimes to gentle bring them back to this reality.

Thank-you for visiting the Heather Scent Aromatherapy Centre. Please come again!

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