Friday, July 25, 2008

Houston Craft Mafia

I am very excited to announce that I joined the Houston Craft Mafia organization. It's a sub group of the famous Craft Mafia out of Austin, Texas.
"The Houston Craft Mafia is a network of indie craft businesses in the Houston area. Our goals are to promote our member businesses and to provide our business owners with information, opportunities, and resources to help their ventures be successful."
Who couldn't join that? I have already dove myself into commitments that I would have NEVER done on my own. I am registering for farmer's markets, craft shows, and event! Yes, EVENTS!  This group has really sown me how to grow my business and encourage my inner grow! I really encourage you to seek out a local Craft Mafia group or even a once a month meet-up of fellow artists. It's really amazing to know that you are not so alone!

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