Monday, August 04, 2008

Historic Montgomery Farmers Market - Results

On Saturday I was involved in the Historic Montgomery Farmers Market! It was my first craft show EVER and lots of fun. I met a ton of new people, talked some card making stories, and sold a few cards. What more could a stationery designer hope for?


There were lots of great vendors there. Bath and body products, fresh foods and eggs, plus loads of arts and crafts. Way more then I had expected. Plus, there was some old timey music playing in the background and you could get three scoops of Blue Bell ice cream for only $1.75! That's a steal and it was yummy. I had cookies and cream... yum!

 I really had a great time at my little booth. So many people to talk to, though it was very HOT and STEAMY. Trust me, I'll be back each month! I love this little town of mine.

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feto soap said...

Good job! Can't wait to split a booth with you!


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