Saturday, August 23, 2008

In Their Own Words - Handmade Help and Painting Well and came into existence because a little band of artists found themselves impacted by cancer with no way to express their desire to make a difference. Then along came Etsy with a very small fee and a very big audience. All profits from these two shops go directly to four star cancer research foundations.
So much of our training as fine artists focuses on how our art can effect the viewer. In this endeavor, we hope to effect an awareness in the need for new ways to treat this old disease. Did you know that before anti-biotics something as simple as the prick of a rose thorn could produce an infection that could kill? It was taken for granted that infections could kill. We want to disturb the notion that cancer is a death sentence, or even a cursed disease. With breakthrough treatments, it may one day be as antique as polio. That motivates our creativity - it's creating hope.

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