Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Interview with Gallery 32

What inspires you? 
I have always had a passion for art.  When I was a child my Grandma encouraged me by teaching me how to sew, embroider and paint watercolors. These experiences still influence my work in the form of color, shape, and line. When I went off to college I decided that painting would be my major and I graduated with a BFA from the University of Kansas.
What project(s) are you working on right now? 
Lately I have been making photographs, which has always been something I enjoy doing. I decided to make an image a day so I started my '365 Project' on my blog. It is my way to share my daily thoughts and images.I have never been much into keeping a sketchbook. I find it a boring activity that doesn't work for me. However, I enjoy writing about my process on my blog and I think it has really helped me grow as an artist.
What influences you? 
Painting has definitely influenced my photography in the way that I compose images in the frame.  I like to include abstract images and I use Photoshop and ArtRage to make my images more painterly.  My goal is to show my version of the world. I try to photograph the simple scenes in life that maybe get overlooked in our daily lives. I now feel that my work, painting and photography, are influencing each other and I am enjoying the journey exploring the world. 
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