Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interview with Vol25

1. Tell us a little more about your business and craft.
Many people ask what the story is behind the name vol25. In January of 2008 when I opened the doors to my little shop (via I was 25 years old, and vol25 was like opening a new volume in my life, which in turn has created several new chapters for me. I have always loved drawing, and just last year taught myself the digital aspect behind creating art. While I still use my pencil, I am truly enjoying digitally creating art. The possibilities appear to be endless.

2. What drives you to create?
Creating is very therapeutic for me, it does not involve a ton of thought... so it allows me to relax, and think on different things. I really enjoy seeing a thought take shape on paper, then slowly come to life with the addition of color and textures.

3. What is your all time favorite item that you currently sell?
Stacked to perfection, part of my "i heart kitchens series."

4. Where can your items be found to purchase?

5. Where do you see your business in five years?
I would love to have a studio to create and stay organized in. I would love to be selling a little more, but not so much that I can't enjoy the whole process.

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