Monday, October 06, 2008

In Their Own Words - Tea and Cake Riot

Art has been a lifelong companion for me. It has kept me fulfilled, hopeful, comforted and real. When I paint or photograph something, it is essentially therapy for me. If I bottle up those creative urges, I feel like I can’t breathe. Art is the only way I really know how to express myself honestly and completely.

I have 2 stores on Etsy.: ZuppaArtista and the Tea and Cake Riot. My ZuppaArtista store is my photography store. In my photographs I am hoping I am able to take someone with me on a journey. I want them to experience what I see, and feel my excitement or admiration for a place, a building, an animal, or a leaf. Sometimes I am too intense so I am trying to find a more whimsical side of myself through my Tea and Cake Riot store. I will be adding paintings soon and I have finally realized that it’s just as fun to paint happy things as it is to paint the gloomy things! Lately, my cats are my inspiration for the lighter side of life!

Thanks for reading about me and I hope you enjoy my work!

I would like to offer 10% off their first purchase of non-discounted items from either store.

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