Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interview with A.N. Original Jewelry

1. Tell us a little more about yourself and your craft.
 I officially took the dive into the jewelry realm in the fall of 2004 when I entered the Jewelry Design program at The Fashion Institute Of Technology in NYC. I started my line in the Spring of 2005 while I was still in school, but at that time it was much more of a side gig where I could have a little fun and make a bit of money. In the spring of 2006 I got serious about creating a definitive style and brand with my jewelry. I guess I got my start by just going for it. Working my way up in a larger company was never an option for me; I'm just too stubborn and independent for that kind of dynamic.  I never worked for another designer or even had an apprenticeship. I had to make my own opportunities and learn the in's and out's and up's and down's of the business by trial and error (emphasis on the error!!). Getting my line started was all about going full steam ahead with my ideas and my passion and not having to conform to contributing to someone else's vision. My business is run solely by me, from top to bottom, which can be a little overwhelming at times, but for now it works for me. I design and handcraft all my jewelry myself in my home studio, I put in 8-12 hour days, working in the studio, keeping up with emails,designing and managing my website and Etsy gives me a VERY full day!. My business is steadily growing and Im so excited about the future!

2. What drives you to create?
I've always been creative. I just have something in me that is constantly yearning to make something with my hands! I love the feeling of seeing a design or a thought come to life! I think people who are driven to create can never really pin down what it is that drives them, it's just this internal urgency to make things! I rarely go a day without creating something! I have been known to bake a mean birthday cake and decorate it to the nines!

3. What is your all time favorite item that you currently sell?
My favorite item I currently sell is my sterling silver dainty scroll It is the perfect everyday necklace that can move from day to night easily and seamlessly. It lays really beautifully on the neck and is affordable, but I think it really represents what A.N. Original is all about, great wearable pieces that are unique and timeless. I also love the vibrancy and color of the Kelly Green Chalk Turquoise Necklace!

4. Where can your item be found for purchase?
You can purchase my items on my official A.N. Original Jewelry website, or through my Etsy shop at If you are in Upstate NY you can find local selling venues on my website!

5. Where do you see your business in five years?
In 5 years I see my business thriving online and in the real world! I would love to expand my wholesale clients and have A.N. Original sold in stores across the US and internationally! I could also see myself opening a B&M store that I could sell my jewelry and other unique handmade treasures and indie designer goods as well! I'd love to see myself get some mainstream press! most of all I see myself creating jewelry 24/7...maybe in a new studio with a few assistant bench workers as well!
Thanks Ashley for this lovely interview and good luck with your amazing jewelry line!


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