Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Interview with Six Hours

 1. Tell us a little more about your business and craft.
I currently run two small businesses... Sixhours Photography was the first, which started in 2004 and moved to Etsy in 2007. That shop eventually branched off into Calobee Doodles, which I started this year. Sixhours Photography is where I sell prints of some of my favorite strange and surreal photographs, and Calobee Doodles is a design service and children's illustration shop. Two very different shops with very different themes! They are my light and dark sides, personified.

2. What drives you to create?
I've been making things since I was little... first it was construction paper models and felt dollhouse accessories, but now I'm truly a child of the digital age... I'm a Web site developer, a digital designer, and digital photographer. I'm inspired by random objects, spooky stories, and all things strange.

3. What is your all time favorite item that you currently sell?
It's so hard to choose, and my favorites change on a regular basis, but right now I think this print and this print are my favorites.

4. Where can your items be found to purchase?
At and

5. Where do you see your business in five years?
That's a difficult question to answer right now! I'm currently pregnant with our first child, so I anticipate that both businesses will slow down a little as I add "motherhood" to my list of roles. But my hope is that my businesses will grow and improve a little bit each year, to the point where I can cut back to part-time hours at my day job and spend more time with our growing family.

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