Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Draw the World

So, I have decided to start taking a drawing class... yeah, drawing. I really want to re-tune my artistic skills and I think trying something totally new will turn on that much needed *light*!
I am so nervous though. I was always the new kid in class since my parents moved ever year or so. It's not the best feeling, to know that you are going to have to stand up and do the "My name is..." and "I am from..." and "Enjoy...."
Yeah, remeber camp? I am so going back to camp.
But on the other hand I am so excited. I get to take a drawing class! So freakin cool. I want to get back to the basics. Simple drawing. Pencil and charcoal art. My fav! so wish me luck and I'll update with some pics as they com along. Hopefully this will also influence my cards.


T. Kimberlyn said...

Good Luck with your class! I know how you feel with needing something to re-spark your creativity. Charcoal was one of my favorites too...once I learned how to seal it properly..messy stuff...lol

A Punkin Card Company said...

Yes, I hear it can be very messy! Thanks!


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