Monday, January 26, 2009

Back from sickville

Wow, that was the worst cold I have ever had! I know opening a blog post with that grimy sentence is enough to make people want to close the post and go wash with hand sanitizer, but it's the truth. Between canceling all appointments and pushing back all projects, I was a big ball of "can't do crap even if I wanted to" this past week (and a half?). Tissues and tissues galore!
Though on Saturday I had a lovely trip into Houston to rejoice my health and some much needed me time. I did bring my husband along, because quite frankly, I think he's uuber cool. We visited the Contemporary Craft Museum in Houston and The Fine Arts Museum. Both were extremely cool! I am sad to say I have never been to either and it was a nice visit with an eye opening twist. I love art, I mean come on, I am sure you know this about me by now. Though there is art out there and even I don't "get". That doesn't mean it's not art or something spectacular to someone. It's just a grey fuzz to me. I did find many pieces that I loved and if I was blessed with winning a bazillion dollars would happily buy and hang above my couch. Many great things at the Fine Art Museum... please go by and visit.
Then we went over to Richmond Arms Pub. You always need a nice cold one after seeing some fancy art. I think it brings you back down from the heavens of interpretation. Clears your thoughts and urges you on somewhere else. I am a huge fan of pubs. Any pub. You have a pub, I'll be there. But if it's walking distant from my house, I will almost live there. It's not that I like to drink, I do, it's the socialization of pubs. Different people tossed into small dark rooms that smell of old beer and sweat. The carved rambling on the walls and table tops and old pictures from a distant past. You can't help of being connected to something other then yourself. It's a great noble thing, a pub.
After some much needed drinks, we found our way to Niko Niko's for a Greek feast. Our night ended with full stomachs and people fighting for our booth. Who couldn't love Houston?

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