Monday, February 16, 2009

A recap of Austin

Austin was amazing... really sweet. Once we arrived, we were swept off to have some awesome BBQ with Jennifer Ramos and her lovely family. They were quick frankly the best hosts EVER! So much of my work is done online and it was ever so nice to talk with a friend in person. There is nothing better then just relaxing, enjoying the moment and eating some amazing food. Jennifer is one talented seamstress, you must (and that's an order) check out her goods. It's completely addicting and 100% mother approved.

After our royal meal, we went and took a turn around downtown Austin. I know it's more of a touristy area, but the day was fading away and most stores were on the down side of closing. So, we decided to enter 6th street and take a walk to two. Being from Louisiana, I know my way around New Orleans and 6th street has this same feel. Lots of bars, restaurants, and trendy little shops. Great for families, in some areas, young 20 somethings, and everyone in between. It was a great eye candy experience.

The next day we did some exploring around Austin and Round Rock, a suburb about 20 minutes north of Austin. Round Rock reminded me of a town right outside of Houston called The Woodlands. Great public areas, awesome schools, amazing shopping, and oodles of houses! Some of the houses were immaculate, just beautiful. We found that Austin has a whole vibe of it's own. Full of old Cowboys, hippies, artists, and vagrants. Lots of different cultures mingling into one. I highly recommend the trip to anyone who wants to get away without leaving the state. It's one of my favorite places by far.

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