Friday, April 17, 2009

East End Urban Market

On Monday I had the privilege of checking out the East End Urban Market in Houston, Texas. Though I was there to see the space and location of the booths, I was completely wowed with the whole set-up! This market is housed in an older warehouse located in a shopping center with a Spanish flare. I felt like I was walking into Mexico or Spain. There was a great little coffee house and a famous Thai restaurant as well.

They have an arts and craft market every Saturday from 10 to 4, or 6 depending. Also, from time to time they hold special events. I am so excited to see a place where my spring 2010 craft show might have a home. More info on that to come later.
The East End Urban Market will also be involved with the Yelp event on May 15th! Market your calenders, A Punkin Card Company will be there with lots of other vendors.


Tracy- Braggin' Rights! said...

Wow Amie, sounds like a cool place! I haven't heard of it- I just moved to TX in January- sounds like a place I'd like to check out!

A Punkin Card Company said...

It's a very nice place! Welcome to Texas!!


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