Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Looking for a good book

Ever get the book buying urge? I know I do but my problem is I get so caught up in the cover of the book I forgot to do my research and see if the book is even my taste or a good read. I am, of course, drawn to anything craft related or DIY books. I also love decorating magazines and short "how to decorate your home with matchbooks" books, but sometimes I buy more then I wish to read or find them so boring that I would rather have my teeth pulled!

Here are a few books I have been dying to get. If you have read them, please let me know how they were. If you haven't, what are your thoughts on the author, titles, general comments! Help me buy better books.

Of course I know this book is going to be amazing! I am a huge fan of Patrica Zapata, thought it is not out yet. Trust me, this one will be in my library! 
Seems like a good read, any thoughts?

Maybe my readers will be begging for this one! 

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