Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Secrets of Savvy Etsy Sellers

I have the honor of being selected to be a part an awesome new e-book, Secrets of Savvy Etsy Sellers by On The Dot Creations.

Secrets of Savvy Etsy Sellers

I submitted some advice or words of wisdom for this little e-book about being smart when selling on Etsy. It's not a click and win pop up button. It takes lots of heard work and knowing what is worth your time and what is not. So, read through this book and see if it doesn't inspire you a bit. Plus, if you can pick out one of my quotes, I'll send you a free and random card. I submitted three. For real, a free A Punkin Card Company handmade card.
Just cut and paste the quote you think is mine in the comment section and include an email or a way to get in touch. Each correct quote will receive the prize. Though only one quote per entry and one entry per reader. Sorry, I don't want to make 2 bazillion cards, right? Happy hunting!


Jennifer said...

That is an awesome little publication! Unfortunately I have no idea what YOU said! :) It's all great, though. Never stop learning.

MagicMarkingsArt said...

thank you for this post. i had heard about getting your own etsy domain name, and you made the process step by step easy! Just what I need. Now I am my own .com!!!
cheers ~ and will post about this shortly.

A Punkin Card Company said...

I am so glad this helped you! It's really a great e-book. Lots of valuable info :)

Nelly said...

Thank you so much! It's a great e-book! :)


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