Thursday, June 11, 2009

Munchkin Craft Time

This week and next week is kids craft camp classes at Sew Crafty! Tongue full huh?
It's a two week long extravaganza of fun and total kid silliness. There is nothing like doing crafts with kids. They take anything you throw at them and try until their little attention spans fall apart. They never say no, well not all the time, and they always try. Maybe they are not the best at something but at least they give it their little alls.

Monday we made felt cupcakes. I tried to make my cupcake the night before and I was about the take that little cupcake and set it on fire!! But the kids, just took the materials, made the cupcake the way it made sense to them, and carried on. No worries, no complaints, well some but not about the cupcakes. Just fun!

I will be updating some pictures from the event as the days go along. Hopefully you'll get o see all the fun I am having with these little angles.

I hope this craft class story has inspired you to do some craft classes with your kids, neighborhood kids, or yourself. Check out CraftBits for all your DIY project needs.

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