Thursday, September 10, 2009

Starting Off Weak

I hate to say this guys, but I did not do any exercise this weekend and drank way too much. But isn't that what Labor Day is all about? I used it as a day to just let some things go. More like de-stressing and starting over.
I have been so stressed out about this house hunt. It's really hard looking at 20+ houses and trying to keep them straight in your head. There are so many things to consider. Layout, size, condition, improvements needed, etc that my head feels like it is going to spin around. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at houses but I know that HGTV has corrupted my mind. They make it seem so easy. See three houses and BAM, you buy one, then you have a happy life! Sweet.
We did find a new construction house that would fit the bill. The kitchen is not a huge has I would like it (side note: I love to cook, need biggest kitchen in the world). It sports and great layout and nice upgrades. Plus everything is new. You can't beat that with a stick and why would you want to?

Getting ready to fly home and see my WHOLE family in North Carolina. I have 6 siblings, yep, and they have kids, yep, and it's been 3 years since I have seen some of them. This is going to be crazy! I am excited but not comfortable leaving my business for a week. That is something I really need to get over. Why else would you have your own business if you can't make your own hours? Believe me I will take lots of pictures... and yes, they will all be posted on Facebook. So keep yourself posted for that one.

Stay fit and keep your head up.

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