Friday, November 06, 2009

Running Day 2

My second day of running was on Wednesday, but at night. My hubby had to go to work early that morning and there was NO way I was going to run at 6am! So we trekked out at 9pm to do our normal run. I am happy to say I have my breathing under control but now I am dealing with the pain in my legs. Specifically my shins. They hurt like a mofo. I am not sure if I am running properly or if it's just too much too fast but the pain is really getting to me. It was mostly at the end of my run and went away as soon as I got home and rested. So, if there is any running advice out there, shoot it my way!

On a APCC side note, tomorrow is the First Saturday Arts Market in the Heights, Houston, Texas. I invite everyone to come and and support art and handmade artists in Houston. The show will start early this time, at 10am until 6pm. There will be fun, food, and live music!!
Plus, you can hangout with me and some of the Etsy Houston artists, for free! Buying handmade goodies is recommended :)

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