Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Ye...... Darn I am Late Again.

Well Happy 2010 everyone! I know I am a bit late on the sentimental end of year post that so many people require, but I am happy to say there will be none of that here! So many new and amazing things are coming out of this office that I can hardly handle it all. Of course there is the biggest news of a little baby Punkin on the way, but there is also the hope of new wedding invitation designs, greeting cards, and some hope that there will be a baby line emerging this year! So keep your fingers crossed, I might need some help and or support, but I would love to get this all done this year, for sure!

On a more romantic note, Valentines Day is coming soon!! Yes and A Punkin Card Company has all your love needs right here! Don't forget to rack up on the traditional V-Day card but also keep in mind that stationery is an everyday gift. So toss in a boxed gift set for fun. Brownie points are still points!!


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