Friday, February 16, 2007


Is that how you spell "blah"? I guess so. Coffee.. need some now! Have you ever wanted to crawl on the floor in the slow "going to dye" fashion towards you coffee and take the first sip like it is an IV? No? You should, when no one is looking of course! But that is the way I feel this morning.. tired and in need of some very strong coffee!
I need some creative inspiration. Really. I am all out. Still not too sure about this web site thingy so I placed some of my cards on ESTY for the time being to see how they sell. So far, none have sold and I feel so completely attached to them, so it hurts. A little. I do love buying things on ESTY. Very easy.... too easy? Yes, and I am now waiting for the hoards of mail men to come running to my door with all my new handmade items... yes! But I am sure they will all come when I am not home and I will have to go to the UPS store and wait for 3 hours until the driver comes back and then, "Oh, I am sorry. He left out again. Can you come back tomorrow?" Hell, no! Give me my handmade items now!
Well, as you see I have some problems with the UPS store and would love to put them out of business but i won't. Too expensive of an endeavor.
Coffee anyone?

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