Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools!!!

Well today is the day for fools and I know I am a fool!!! Yes, it's a fool's sale... go to my etsy account and use promo code "blog" and get 50% off any item in the shop... Today only.
Don't worry, it's not a joke!


Monica Yvette said...

That's funny. I forgot it was April Fools day. My hubby and I want a coffee house too! Have you ever been in Mylo's? A friend and I painted the mural in there. I did the left side and he did the right. A few yrs ago, I worked in Joe Mugg's in B.A.M. It was fun. You get to know a lot of people that way.

Monica Yvette said...

Corner Coffee House is great. I like their colors, and the fact that they carry the black teas that I like, oh, and Soy Milk too. Have you been to the Scrap Shack next door? Love that place! I could blow wads of money there. Btw, everyone needs a lazy day once in a while.


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