Friday, July 06, 2007

Purple Flower Designs

While stumbling through a thread, I came across this wonderful little shop. It had great descriptions, awesome pictures, and of course, wonderful items. Purple Flower Designs started on Etsy in January of 2007 and it going strong! All of the designs you see in her shop are custom made, one of a kind or limited edition items made carefully by hand. Purple Flower Designs says, "I like to think of my handbags as functional art."
She takes pride in the workmanship and details of all her handbags, and likes to challenge herself with different designs, textures, shapes and fabrics. For this reason you will find the handbags from Purple Flower Designs are constantly evolving, and no two are exactly the same.
"I will be thrilled if a bag from Purple Flower Designs helps you feel special and adds some beauty and fun to your life."- Purple Flower Designs

Check out her shop on Etsy:


Monica Yvette said...

Congrats on your recent press, Amie!

Tricia said...

gorgeous bag!


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