Sunday, July 08, 2007

Aussie Patches

Aussie Patches' name is Ali J. She is 25 and lives in a house with her boyfriend and a menagerie of pets. She has always been creative. After school she studied Interior Design as well as Fine Arts but left her course in frustration that so many students were plagiarizing. She hit a bit of a low point after that and spent the next five years working. Aussie Patches' then quit her full time job and started fitness training to try and get a job as a police officer, but found that she was unsuitable for the position.
With no job, no money and a lot of time on her hands she decided to turn her interests back on the one thing that she loved. Her art. That was 3 months ago and she hasn't looked back. Aussie Patches' says, "I opened my Etsy store as a way of making contacts and friends with other creative minds. I had no idea how popular my work would be or that I would sell anything. Now I've got products in three stores, commissions, commercial and print advertising in the works as well as participating in 8 upcoming gallery shows." The opportunities that she is receiving are amazing, and her life couldn't be better. Please check out Aussie Patches' work, it's worth your time and easy on the eyes!

Aussie Patches' Shop:


Felicia said...

Very pretty :)

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I love aussiepatches.. very nice feature.

Penguin & Fish said...

Hi I'm tagging you. Participate if you'd like.


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