Friday, July 20, 2007

School Locker

One day I was searching through Etsy and I found this really neat shop. I knew that some Etsy sellers sell supplies or scraps in their Etsy shop but not a WHOLE shop made up of really awesome supplies. These little trinkets of color and fun are all over School Locker's shop. Very bright and wonderfully colorful. She has made a business through her shop on Etsy that climbs over the accomplishments I want for my shop. She opened hers September of 2006 and has sold over 1,200 items! Sure they might be little paper clips and paper squares, but it's a sale and she has made a name for herself on Etsy! Lockers says, "Through Etsy, I hope to share some of my favorite items & ideas with other creative minds....and assist by offering products to stock your studio or provide the finishing touch to market your wares."
A great shop and a wonderfully sweet person. Check out her shop, you will be very happy you did!



Barbra said...

I certainly love her avatar since I'm "All About The Buttons". So nice of you to feature shops.

schoollocker said...

Aw! Thank you so much for featuring my shop.
Etsy has the nicest people!


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