Sunday, July 22, 2007

Curly Girl Glass

Curly Girl Glass is one of those shops that I always keep coming back to. I first came across her shop a few months ago and was struck by the awesome designs and great colors!
Curly Girl Glass started taking formal art classes when she was just a kid. She also has a BFA degree in painting and drawing from Tyler School of Art.
Before Etsy she made her living as an illustrator and graphic artist but currently is into environmental work. Curly says, "I’ve been selling my artwork informally (and semi-formally) for many years, starting with hand painted t-shirts in middle school to paintings, photographs and illustrations later, and now selling my creations on Etsy."
She's worked in various media, including oils, clay, photography, and of course, stained glass. She also makes stained glass windows, panes and lamps, which sounds amazing! Recently she's tried her hand at lamp work bead making. "No matter the medium, I really enjoy the process of making things whether it’s stretching canvas and mixing paints or wrapping earrings and trying bead combinations. The logic part of my brain loves solving the “problem” and working thing out." says Curly. She delights in learning new techniques and materials.
Check out Curly Girl Glass' shop. I am sure you will find something you can't live without!

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