Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wendi Winn

Wendi Winn is a great little shop a came across the other day! She loves to create items that make her chuckle, or at least smile. She is obsessed with thread! All of her items are sewn by machine with many different techniques being applied to them. Wendi says, "I am always playing with stitches." She is trying to enjoy new crafts and techniques so she named her shop logo as "medley of things handcrafted". She specializes in patches, purses, and cards. The most important things to her are faith and family. She has a daughter by way of a miracle taking them eight years to have her!

Check out her shop:

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Monica Yvette said...

Alright, drinks next week! I followed up on the tag. I liked the imagery of your "tagged" post.


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