Sunday, August 05, 2007


Among the thousands of Etsy shops there are some that really stand out in my mind. One being Marshatoh. Her name is Marsha (really it is!) She is a Singaporean and a wonderful mother of 2. She and her cuter than ever family are living in London, England. Due to her husband's nature of work, they have had the opportunity of traveling widely and experiencing many different cultures.
She was first introduced to Etsy last year by a friend and she has been hooked ever since. "I started off as a buyer on Etsy and as my wallet began to suffer, I began dabbling with the idea of being a seller as well." says Marsha. She has always been interested in jewelery making and wanted to learn the art. So Etsy presented the perfect opportunity to start her own little business from home, named Indulgence. Marsha says, "That's when I realized I love working with tiger ebony wood and combining it with various semi-precious stones to come up with simple yet stunning and eye-catching pieces." Lately, she has had her hand in customizations for buyers and it's given her a whole new edge!
Though she is insanely talented, she would love to learn the art of metal smithing, working with sheets of sterling silver. Thus expanding her store on Etsy!

Check out Marshatoh's shop and tell her I sent you!


marsha said...

Thanks a zillion for this wonderful shout-out, Amie! It's a truly amazing feeling when someone features your store and your blog post has just made my week! Thank you for taking an interest in my work and I wish you all the best for your etsy store too!

Tricia said...

fabulous necklace!


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