Monday, August 06, 2007


Circles are Forever, aka Obuttons, is a home based, hand painted craft business started by Kim Romero located in sunny Orange County, California. She is constantly on the look out for little trinkets and things to breath new life into. Everything she does is individually processed, one of a kind works. There are no machines involved to duplicate designs only her amazingly talented hands. She can paint anywhere but her "office" is usually at her art desk. Kim says, "This is the same desk I began to get serious about painting. I started with my aunt's business, BC Creations, as her apprentice. That was some time around 1998." Though in 2004, her faith in God and inspiration from above, showed her the bottle cap invention. Then she decided to open Circles Are Forever, for all your button and arty needs!
Circles Are Forever is not just a business to Kim but a way to support and serve others. She is always open to your suggestions and needs. She is drawn to those who desire her need to serve and are willing to help others in return. Kim says, "I have a willing heart that is ready to burst in this ministry."

Please check out Circles are Forever, aka Obuttons! Tell her I sent you. Enjoy.

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