Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ursula and Olive

Darlene Belisle has always been a crafter. In 2006 she moved into an old tavern house built in 1775. Upon researching the history of the house, they discovered that it was once owned by two sisters. Listed on the deed was, Ursula and Olive, Maiden Ladies. (That was the legal way to say spinsters back in the 1800's.) Darlene felt an immediate bond with the previous home owners and they have become her crafting spirits. They also fly around the house and they occasionally steal her scissors, but they bring them back after she spends 10 minutes franticly looking for them. About the same time a friend introduced her to Etsy and convinced her to start a shop. So she took her new found friend's names and named the shop Ursula and Olive.
She has a deep love for books especially ones illustrated children. For Christmas this year she was given a button maker as a gift and suddenly a new venue for sharing her love of vintage illustrations was born. She now specializes in recycling damaged books, comic books and any other form of paper she finds and refashioning them into unique pin back buttons, stationary, and bookmarks.

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