Saturday, August 11, 2007


Some Etsy shops fascinate me more than ever! Aminyitray's shop just blew me away! The art she creates from the simplest of items intrigues the historian inside me.
She graduated with a BFA in printmaking from Maryland Institute, College of Art. Then after school was over, she moved to Manhattan and worked as an art director for several advertising agencies who specialized in website design.
After her son, Spencer, was born, she made the difficult transition to leave her job and become a stay at home mom. After a couple of years of mothering, and all that comes with it, she found herself in dire need of a creative outlet. So in March of 2006 she made her first piece of jewelry and launched her very own Etsy shop called Aminyitray.
She, like myself, has had a fascination with Victorians and their compulsive tendency to collect and classify everything. Aminyitray says, "I share their love of taxonomy, and their habit of creating mounted, pickled and taxidermied "collections". I also have a penchant for old ephemera and artifacts; the more yellowed-with-age and time worn the better!"

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