Thursday, September 20, 2007

Glass Gypsy

Glass Gypsy's real name is Jim and he is addicted to glass. His journey with glass started many years ago, with cold glass, making lamps and leaded glass windows. Soon he moved to sand blasting, then onto fusing and slumping. Then onward to lamp working and some limited furnace work. Living in Southern Arizona for a couple of years, Jim then learned how to facet items. Thus his latest is faceted dichroic pendants. "I think that it might be too soon in the ongoing glass evolution", says Jim, "but it sure gives an awesome look to dichroic cabochons."
Jim's work is amazing and breathtaking in it's own right. As you stare into those lampwork beads you can see a thousand different colors and know they were all made by hand.
Being on Etsy to Jim is like going to a family reunion every time that he signs on. "There is a really positive feeling of real help on Etsy , all good vibes. Definitely one of my better moves selling on Etsy, recommend it to ALL, buyers and sellers", says Jim.

Check out Glass Gypsy's shop on Etsy:

1 comment:

blest said...

AND he's a super-duper heckuva nice guy, too!

I'm a devoted glassgypsy customer - his beads are beautiful, shipping is superfast, and customer service is over the top!


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