Friday, September 21, 2007


Where you always a crafty person?
"Ok, I admit it, I wasn't always a crafty person. You know... your one friend who's a left brain, the analytical one that's good with numbers...being crafty and making things with my hands...ummm..where's my calculator and Excel spreadsheet? :) Well, that's still me sometimes, but I was bitten by the indie-crafty bug about 4 years ago and haven't looked back since!"

What do you do in your "real life"?
"I used to work in the corporate office politics world, but now I'm a stay at home mom to two wonderful kids. I also worked with a talented Indie stationery designer and learned about about having your own business and creating beautiful things with your own two hands. Needless to say, I was smitten with the whole thing and re-discovered my love for jewelry making as well."

What do you think your jewelry says to people?
"My jewelry reflects who I am - down to earth, simple, and clean...and I'm also kinda outdoorsy so, I'm heavily inspired by nature. The colors, the textures, the shapes...everything! Living in the SF Bay Area, I can drive for about 30 mins to many magnificent hikes and scenery that simply blows my mind! I remembered taking a jewelry making class years ago and loving it so I decided to pick it up again. After lots of research and lots of practice, I decided to open an Etsy store in hopes that somebody out there would like what I make."

What are your favorite materials to use?
"I love working with all kinds of metal, semi-precious stones, and gorgeous wood beads. I'm pretty much self taught, but my next step is to take a class in metalsmithing to expand my knowledge and challenge me further. I'll be working with sterling wire more to make my own components which will be very exciting for me."

What has Etsy taught you?
"My discovery of Etsy opened so many doors for me to the world of crafting, the Indie designers community, and e-commerce! I so enjoy chatting with other sellers and buyers and love that my jewelry is being worn by people around the world!"

This interview was made possible by grants from the Emilini Shop Foundation and from viewers like you!

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marsha said...

I so glad you featured Emilini! She's a wonderful friend and a fantastic mum!!! I'm really forunate enough to have gotten to know her through Etsy!


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