Saturday, September 22, 2007

Willow Cat Studio

Though I normally use the information given to me from the artist and re-write a short informational, this one stood out to me as short but very, very sweet. I decided to leave it "as is" and publish it in the artists own words. I hope you enjoy it.

"As a child I created and collected things. Some things I would stash in little boxes, envelopes, drawers and cubbies. Others I would give as gifts. The ones I kept would be left there for days, weeks, and maybe even years, then found to become something new.
As an adult the things I find and collect tend to be paper, canvases and fabrics. I have boxes and bags filled with stuff stashed in corners, cubbies as well as underfoot. Each one, chosen and kept, for a small detail I fell hopelessly in love with. They stay with me until they become new again, almost always something one of a kind or in small editions.
I am also a slave to my moods and whims so the shop and the items in it tend to ebb and flow with the medium that suits me for the moment. I go back and forth between art and craft, always experimenting with new mediums and exploring my old favorites. I sometimes fear that the customer will see this as an inconsistency, but it isn't, rather it is consistently how I am."

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