Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chocolate and Steel

Well, well. I know! I was missing again but this time I had a great excuse! I was sick. So sorry we missed a wonderful post together but I have a brand new one for you!

Today's feature is Chocolate and Steel! This shop has some of the cutest little pendents I have ever seen. From birds and apples, to flowers and stars. Really great art at an amazing price. As I was reading her profile I found out how she makes these wonderful pieces of art:
"I specialize in fine silver jewelry that has been handcrafted out of PMC (precious metal clay). This is a new fangled crazy invention by Mitsubishi. What they have done is taken pure silver and ground it down to fine particles in the same way film negatives are made. These fine silver particles are mixed with an organic binder to create the malleability of clay. This is the stage in which I come in. I create something wonder for you. When the clay dries I sand and refine the piece. The finished piece is fired in a kiln at 1650 degrees F (hot!). During this firing process the organic binder burns away completely and the end result is a solid piece of silver. MAGIC – wha-la! The final piece is polished, oxidized, brushed, and so on and so forth."

So just run.. well type your way over to Chocolate and Steel. Maybe you'll find your next best love!

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