Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Joan Shum

While jumping around through the pages of Etsy, I decided to search for wedding stuff. Not because I am getting married, but because it's fun and girls love weddings! I came across the wedding showcase and saw a beautiful wedding dress featured there. I was like, "No Way!" but it's true.. beautiful wedding dresses are here on Etsy!

After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design and ten years of experience working in the heart of Los Angeles’ fashion district, Joan has launched a unique bridal collection that unites her passion for art, costume, and fashion into a line of elegant gowns. Each hand-made ensemble accentuates the bride’s figure and distinctive style. Combining a timeless era with contemporary influence, these classic gowns are as unforgettable as the wedding day.

Check out her shop: Joan Shum

1 comment:

ThePeachTree said...

Who knew?!? Etsy has everything!! :)


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