Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

Hi and happy Easter to everyone! Know for most Christians this is the miracle day of the year! But for some other who believe other incredible religions, this is just another day. Either way, it's a great day! The sun is out. People are smiling and I really need some fresh coffee....
Let us all remember the great loves of our lives. My first love is, of course, my husband. He is the inspiration behind A Punkin Card Company and the reason I can go on! I also want to thank God for giving me wisdom and patience that I need in so many situations. Plus, there is the unconditional love things that makes me all warm inside!!!
Finally I would love to thank all my fans, customers, and admirers who have made my company what it is today! Because of you guys I am going to take some huge steps this summer and make this dream come true! I plan on launching a new wedding stationery line through A Punkin Card Company plus open a supply store. Where anyone can make my cards just by buying the supplies!!
Without customers or wishful thinkers none of this would come true! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

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